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Myth of love

Meant to ease the pain
It always seems a way
To make every morning make sense
Endless attempts in vain

But why is it that agony ends up more
With added love in the core
Meant to ease the pain
Just enduring the suffering more.

Once again,
Meant to ease the pain
Looking for love we went
Bought down on knees, yet again.

So where does it end then
The search without gain
Pursuit of constancy, meant to ease the pain
Or a myth of love, again?




As beautiful as it might be,
The concern is that it might slip by.
Even the loveliest time you’re having,
Might never be yours again in a lifetime.

As the reflection starts to diminish,
Bidding adieu to the short lived love,
No matter how much you wish to stay longer,
The sun has to merge into one.