Game of Thrones: Season 8 Finale


The awaited finale of the TV show, Game of Thrones premiered today and revealed who finally takes the Iron Throne. Bran Stark emerged as the candidate we didn’t foresee but actually is the one that truly does make sense. The question is, did Bran really inherit the throne to the six kingdoms? Given there is no longer an Iron throne (literally since Drogon burnt it) Westeros kind of moved into a more democratic rule, which is meant to be free of nepotism and tyrants.

Was this a good way to end the show? I would say it was. Was it executed well? Eh, I don’t think so. The problem that began in Episode 5 of the season carried its issues to the present one, since Daenerys Targaryen’s character continued to not make any sense. And her death was very non-dramatic. Like a knife went into her heart and she was on the floor, with blood drooling on her face. Hmm… There could have been so much to her character. Her loss and her pain, nothing came through. And that sort of took away the charm from the first half of the episode. The characters just seemed to be serving the plot, which was a major flaw I believe.

But it was after her death that the episode caught up pace. The group of Lords sitting together, deciding the fate of Westeros was like a breath of peace that hasn’t been visible in the show since, I can’t remember. Bran along with Tyrion became the combination that can lead the kingdoms with knowledge and wisdom, instead of power and blood.

Sansa became the well deserved Queen in the North (the one who actually cared about Winterfell). Jon, the new Queen-slayer, got banished to the Wall only to find himself back amid the Free Folk and with Ghost (thank god, he pet him this time). I have to say Jon Snow never really deserved the throne. And just being a Targaryen didn’t qualify him for the job (which was pretty much the same case with Daenerys). Leading the Free Folk beyond the wall suits him well, since he really struggles with making knowledgeable decisions when it comes to wars and kingdoms. He is too nice and naive to rule.

Arya went on her adventures to discover the unknown lands while Tyrion along with the newly appointed masters sets on to figure the new and righteous ways to rule. In terms of story, it was a very satisfying end. Dany going mad, Jon killing her, Bran taking things over- great idea. But I wish its screenplay had been written better. The show runners could have had 10 episodes, explored the emotions of the characters more, and let all events look more natural. The show has achieved such excellence with its previous episodes that they have set high standards for themselves (I mean, they made ‘Winds of Winter’, they ought to do better).

But, the silver lining for the finale was that they gave the show a satisfying end. But I’m still wondering, why didn’t Drogon kill Jon? It was very interesting to see him burn the Iron Throne. I hope to get more insight into the equation between him and Jon in the books. And definitely, a better character arc for Daenerys.

So, all we can do now is wait for the books. Till then, I have to find a good new TV show.


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