It feels different when the lights go out
Less chatter, and more horns are sound
The banners that enshroud in broad daylight
In the dim dazzling, shout out loud

It feels different to be all on your own
An apprehensive vision taking over the stroll
Dubiously clutching and checking the clock on the phone
Fingers fidgeting, on every corner the bus takes a roll

The digital tab above reads the places it’s meant to pass,
In sight few backs, seeming perpetually and unintentionally wrong
Overlooking everything else amidst these empty seats,
All a woman on a bus, at midnight can conjure

Asked to be back home after that while,
Avoiding the emptiness of roads at night,
Imagine the same frame with women all around, under those dazzling lights,
Would it still then be a problem, to be out so late at night?


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